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Kids Dance Classes

Float, Twirl, Dance, Jive, Laugh


Our kids classes are all about FUN! We love sharing the magic of dance and seeing all our tiny dancers sparkle and shine!

Baby Bouncers (1 years – 2 years)

Your tiny dancer will love this dance-play class, with vivid imagery and props, plus simple movement to a mix of fun music. Leave your inhibitions at the door – the adults join in, too!

Tiny Twirlers (2 years – 3 years)

Dance-play is still lots of fun, and now your toddler dancer will also act out simple dance stories and learn a few moves! You’re still welcome to help your little one if needed.

Mini Movers (3 years – 4 years)

Your pre-schooler is becoming quite the dancer, using more structured steps and simple choreography. Your little one will find his or her very own style of movement in no time.

Little Leapers (4 years - 5 years)

This is the year that they often are getting ready for `Big School`. Classes feature small routines with lots of input from the students. The tutors enjoy helping the children navigate that wonderful independence whilst keeping the fun-loving aspect in class.

Family-friendly dance class venues Breastfeeding and pram-friendly venues with plenty of parking. Brothers and sisters are welcome!

The My Tiny Dancer Philosophy

Family friendly environment

Free trials and money back guarantee

Sibling, breastfeeding and pram-friendly venues

Plenty of parking

Online booking with pro-rata class rates

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