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If your child is 4yrs and 6mths old and enrolled in K-12 school they are eligible for 1 x Creative and 2 x Active kids Vouchers regardless of whether they are attending school in 2022. My Tiny Dancer is registered for both Creative AND Active kids vouchers and these can be used towards Term fees
Click HERE to apply for a CREATIVE kids voucher through SERVICE NSW

Looking for Active kids info? Click HERE

Service NSW has advised us that
“If a parent or carer completes an online application for an active or creative kids voucher for a child between the ages of 4.5yrs and 18yrs, and it is approved, then the voucher is valid and can be redeemed without question”

1st January 2022 is when Parents, guardians and carers can claim their new $100 voucher to put towards the cost of lessons and fees with My Tiny Dancer. 
Simply enter the name is the school you are thinking of sending them as and when they are ready details of how to redeem your voucher with My Tiny Dancer are below.

Redeeming your Creative Kids Voucher

If you have a valid Creative Kids Voucher to redeem, simply register for FREE on the My Tiny Dancer website HERE then email us on with the following details.

Your child’s Full Name (As listed on the voucher):
Your child’s date of birth:
Your valid Creative Kids Voucher number:
The Day/Age Group of the booking you want to make.

My Tiny Dancer will then redeem your voucher and provide you with a single use coupon code that you can apply at checkout when you make your online booking.

Just to note:
Vouchers expire on the 31st of December and provided the information has been emailed through to the office before the 29th December you will be able to be the voucher towards the term fees for Term 1 of the following year. Please contact us on or call us on 0413 768 347 if you need advice on whether you can use your voucher.









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