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BOOKINGS ARE OPEN!- Classes resume Tues 2nd Nov
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Firstly, thank you to everyone for your patience. If you would like to book into classes for Term 4 you can do so HERE.


Those who had booked for Term 3 with us, and have not yet requested a refund, I have automatically had their bookings transferred over to Term 4 with the same day, age group, and time slot. ALL classes for Term 4 will be held at The Corrimal Region Uniting Church Hall only.

Due to the shortened nature of the Term, we are currently holding a $70 credit for you that you can either apply to a future booking, or can be refunded to you.

You will all be contacted individually by email and SMS. If you would like to make changes to your Term 4 booking, or can no longer attend, simply contact me on the below details to discuss and I can organise credits/changes/refunds for you.

Those who booked for Term 3 using Creative or Active kids vouchers. Your bookings have NOT yet been transferred and your vouchers have not been redeemed so you may either email me to book in again with any valid creative/active kids voucher OR simply book through the website as a regular booking.

We are ALMOST there

Love and twirls

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REOPENING UPDATE – the latest from Steph @10th October 2021

NSW Health has announced that as of Monday 11th October businesses like My Tiny Dancer are able to start operating.
As we hire venues by the hour, as opposed to having a commercial lease, we now have to wait for these venues to open to their regular hirers. I have been in constant contact with our venues and they have all informed me that their processes of re-opening is currently sitting as a proposal with their individual pandemic teams and are awaiting further instruction.
One of the venues has advised that it could be as late as November before reopening and as such I am trying to sort out alternatives. I am hoping to have more information for you by Tuesday or Wednesday this week.
Keep you posted!

Warm wishes
Steph x


2021 OCTOBER REOPENING UPDATE – the latest from Steph @30th Sept 2021

Exciting news as My Tiny Dancer works on it’s safe reopening after a VERY lengthy NSW lockdown.

NSW Health has enabled businesses like ours to reopen the Monday after NSW reaches a 70% Vaccination rate. This is currently forecasted for the 11TH OCTOBER (tbc)
When this rate is achieved, My Tiny Dancer will also open their online booking system the Monday after 70% is reached (11th October tbc) to enable you to book in your classes with an aim to resume face to face classes the week beginning MONDAY 25th OCTOBER (tbc)

Exact details of what will be required of us as a business and you as attendees are still being worked through but in the meantime I have put together a paired down, provisional timetable that you can view  HERE.

People who are holding credits from Term 3 will automatically have their booking transferred to Term 4 but will also be contacted individually to reconfirm the details of their booking and will be given the option to make changes for Term 4.

Warm wishes
Steph x


My Tiny Dancer – Dance at Home on YouTube (27th May 2020)

Hello Tiny Blue tutu town,
“Well where the heck have you been?” some of you may respond. Now that IS a fair question.
Myself and Ali have been buried underneath a pile of working from home husbands, school age children who are not liking the new principal – Mrs Mum – trying to work out Google classroom & Class Seesaw apps and answering the same question that seems to be on repeat….”I’m bored, what can I do?”
Interestingly we have also both discovered that the never-ending patience that we display continuously in the classroom with your gorgeous children does NOT extend to our own kids – who would have thunk it! 😉

I personally have also taken the opportunity to SLOW DOWN (something I am notoriously bad at). It has been awfully hard to get through to this, almost 45 year old, brain that not every single minute of every single day needs to be productive. However, after going on many bike rides, kicking the footy, playing board games and having movie nights with my own children it turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
As children have now returned to school full time this has also given us a bit of breathing space and going forward there is a plan.

Firstly – I have finally put together videos on a “My Tiny Dancer – dance at home” YouTube playlist so that you little ones can have a bit Tiny Blue Tutu town fun in their loungeroom before we head back to classes. This can be found HERE.

Secondly – My Tiny Dancer predominately hires council facilities; therefore, we have to hold tight for now until our venues let us back in their doors. Having a look at the current plans by the NSW Govt we are hoping that we will be able to open for at least the last 3 weeks of Term 2 (week beginning Monday 15th June). Our hope is that this will enable you to recoup the 3 missed lessons from the end of Term 1 whilst we were all riding the Corona Rollercoaster. We will have to wait till our venues open before we can confirm this date.
If you cannot utilise these weeks to make up your missed Term 1 lessons you may of course carry them over the new term that you are enrolled in as our makeup lessons don’t expire whilst you are currently enrolled with us.

Within the next two days I will be sending out a very shorty survey so that I can gain an idea of how many of you would be returning for the last 3 weeks of Term 2 and book venues appropriately, if you don’t mind taking 2 mins to fill it in (I’ll keep it short) that would be fab!

I’ll be in touch soon, meanwhile enjoy watching me talking to myself in front of the camera – WEIRD!
“My Tiny Dancer – dance at home” YouTube playlist

Warm wishes
Steph x

A letter from Steph – the Director (22nd March 2020)

Due to the developing circumstances that we all find ourselves in in regards to COVID-19 My Tiny Dancer took it upon themselves to suspend all their classes on Sunday the 22nd March until further notice .

Although the provisions that have been put in place by our government at the time still allowed us to operate rate, I could not in all good conscious continue to do so. I was aware that we have a lot of grandparents and older carers bringing children to our classes and, when you couple that with under 5’s being not capable of being able to practise social distancing, I felt that it would be irresponsible to continue.

This is my personal choice and not a reflection on any other business that may need to continue trading for a variety of reasons that we are not privy too. As it turned out, it was the correct think to do as a few days later the government put in provisions where we would not have been able to operate.

If you have a little one who was already doing our lessons and is insisting that you should definitely know the moves & music to “Scarves fly high” or “Jack in the box” you should be able to find it on our public Spotify playlist called “My Tiny dancer – dance at home”

ALSO a lot of you have asked about online content and YES that is something that I am working on. Like everything else we do I want to make sure that it is Quality, Easy to use and Effective to keep YOUR frustration to a minimum especially in these challenging times, so watch this space and hopefully I’ll be in touch with a winner.

Stay safe, wash your hands and look after our older community

Take Care


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