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Jean Marshall – Casual Tutor

I would like to introduce you to Jean, her warm & welcoming personality and positive approaches to teaching make her a perfect fit for the My Tiny Dancer team, that’s before we even mention her PHD she obtained whilst also being the mum to three children 5 & under! This is what Jean has to say.

I love dancing. I began dancing as a preschooler and formally trained in classical and later jazz ballet for 15 years. I believe the joy of dance is a wonderful gift we can give to our children and that dance class is a great environment for teaching children so many other important things in life. I am passionate about the physical and mental health benefits of being active, cemented by a degree in exercise science and a PhD in medical science. I have a sunny personality and am always trying new positive approaches to teaching. With three beautiful young children at home, I know that the struggle is real and hope that dance class will become something fun for you to share with your child each week”

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