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Rosie Talintyre – Tutor

Meet the beautiful Rosie. With 15 years of dancing training under her belt in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Conditioning, Yoga, Acrobatics, Musical theatre, Singing and Cheer…(take breath) not to mention her overseas performance experience you can see why we wanted her to join our team. When you meet her you’ll see how the kids warm to her straight away and this may have something to do with her own view on dance, teaching and encouraging really young children. Rosie says

I have danced from a very young age and I really believe that if I hadn’t been lucky enough to have had the bright, funny and enthusiastic teacher I started with, I wouldn’t be dancing today. It’s that initial pure fun that sparks a love for dance that should just grow in every class. That’s what I really try and bring to my own classes and what I am looking forward to sharing with your little ones

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